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​Greyhounds transition taskforce head confirms financial assistance ​​​​for industry

Issued: Thursday 11 August

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Greyhounds Transition Taskforce Coordinator General Dr John Keniry has today reassured the greyhound industry that financial assistance will be available as part of the transition package he is developing for government.

Dr John Keniry, AM, said the NSW Government has committed to a raft of measures, which includes financial assistance.

"I have had many conversations with people working directly or indirectly in the greyhound industry since I was appointed by the government last month to guide the industry to a humane and orderly closure," Dr Keniry said.

"These discussions are an important part of my role to develop a detailed plan and provide advice to the Government on an assistance package that achieves the best way to transition those affected and their greyhounds. 

"One of the many things I'm hearing is that financial assistance must form part of the transition package I am developing.

"I can reassure those working in the greyhound industry that the government has committed to providing financial assistance to transition dogs and people out of the greyhound industry. 

"The transition package will also include training programs, business advice, linkages with other government and non-government support services.

"Later this month I will be visiting several regional centres across NSW to hear first-hand the issues people are facing due to the closure on 1 July, 2017 to ensure as many views as possible form part of my report to government."

Dr Keniry said the legislation that is before the parliament also allows for a transition period to be determined to allow an orderly closure of the industry. 

"The legislation stipulates that on 1 July 2017 greyhound racing in NSW will cease. However, there will be transition periods for other aspects of the greyhound racing industry.

"I will be providing advice to the Government based on my discussions with the industry on the most effective way to phase out other activities such as training, breeding and keeping greyhounds.

"The government will then decide what assistance will be available to people affected by the closure.  This is expected to be announced in late October and a new round of community consultation will begin to inform people what is available to them.

"As the closure of greyhound racing does not come into effect until 1 July 2017, I urge owners, breeders and trainers and all those affected by the closure to take their time before making any decisions about their future circumstances and the welfare of their dogs."​