Office of Racing


Harness racing

The conduct of harness racing in NSW is overseen by Harness Racing New South Wales (HRNSW), an independent body established under the Harness Racing Act 2009. Its commercial and regulatory functions include:

  • to control, supervise and regulate harness racing in the State;
  • to register harness racing clubs, harness racing horses, owners, trainers and drivers of harness racing horses, bookmakers for harness racing and other persons associated with harness racing;
  • to initiate, develop and implement policies considered conducive to the promotion, strategic development and welfare of the harness racing industry in the State;
  • to distribute money received as a result of commercial arrangements required by the Totalizator Act 1997; and
  • to allocate to harness racing clubs the dates on which they may conduct harness racing meetings.

The HRNSW Board consists of five members, recommended for appointment by a Selection Panel appointed by the Minister. Members are recommended for appointment on the basis of merit, in accordance with skills based criteria. The legislation also provides that the members are to elect a Chairperson from among themselves.

Further information on harness racing in NSW can be accessed from the official